Bookkeeping services for Legal practitioners

Legal Bookkeeping

The work in the legal industry is demanding. More important than skills, knowledge, and experience, time is an invaluable resource for lawyers to thrive in the industry. So, if you spend most hours on finances and your small business administration, you could fall behind.

Bookkeeping requires you to be diligent and precise, as well as display great attention to detail. However, as a small firm owner or a solo practitioner, you have more essential things to do with your time than managing your books. That’s why at SmartEgg Bookkeeping, we will take care of your books for you so you can get on with your business and focus on helping your clients.

When you work with us, you can take advantage of a wide range of professional services, which include:

☛ Statutory Trust accounts regular updates & Bank reconciliation
☛ EOM process and reporting
☛ Monitoring of Statutory Deposit
☛ Liaison with your trust account external examiners
☛ Accounting software support/integration (Xero or MYOB)
☛ Office account bookkeeping including BAS and payroll

Unfortunately, bookkeeping mistakes can have consequences for your tax liabilities and overall business operation. Through our services, you can clearly see how well your firm is performing, and it will allow you to make informed decisions that will help you push forward.

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We specialise in legal bookkeeping using LEAP Legal Software. It is equipped with innovative features that allow you to manage all aspects of your accounting, reporting, and billing processes. No matter what area of law you specialise in, this software provides everything you need to operate a legal practice efficiently and productively. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, LEAP delivers exceptional flexibility, thus giving you the freedom to work wherever and when it suits you. With the use of this software, we can work with your law firm’s challenges and needs. Furthermore, we have a solid understanding of Statutory Trust account regulatory requirements by the Law Society of NSW. These include the end of the month process and controlled money, statutory deposit, and many others.

Leap Ceritified Bookkeeper

We take care of correspondence with external examiners each year. We keep you compliant with all the requirements and deadlines. Our services are ideal for sole practitioners or a small legal practice with less than 20 practitioners who do not have the time or background to handle accounting functions. If you want to ensure up-to-date and accurate records, please contact us to discuss your bookkeeping needs.