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What our clients say about us


Michael Tyler

"I am very happy to recommend Yuji Hiraizumi's (SmartEgg's) bookkeeping and BAS Agent services.

Yuji was the bookkeeper in my legal practice, Tyler & Co Business & Property Lawyers, for 6 years until I closed the practice in January 2020. He also did the bookkeeping for an associated company and a private trust.

As well as all the routine bookkeeping, Yuji managed our payroll and workers compensation insurance, prepared and lodged each organisation’s Business Activity Statements and provided the information necessary for our accountants to prepare annual financial statements and tax returns. In addition, Yuji managed our accounting software, using MYOB, Xero and LEAP legal software.

Yuji was always prompt, efficient and reliable and never left our office before everything was complete. He quickly responded to requests for additional reports, even on days when he wasn’t scheduled to do our work. He often made excellent recommendations for improving our systems, which helped to reduce our costs.

Yuji continued his work for us remotely when COVID-19 struck and there was no difference in the quality of the service he provided.

I strongly recommend Yuji’s bookkeeping service, especially for small law firms."

Legal Bookkeeping
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